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Lady Jane´Anal slut - Part 1

Lady Jane is preparing her Slave for the anal session. The first what he has to do, is puting a elctronic cockring on his body, then he...

Strap-on & fist fucking

After a short strap-on fuck Lady Victoria Valente wants more. The whole fist in the slae´s ass?

Fucked with the xl strap-on

Mistress Susi is using a very big and long strap-on to stretch and fuck the Slave´s ass

Helens`´s fucking machine

Todyay Helen´s brand new fucking machine has arrived. A quick phonecall to her private Slave and one hour later the first...

The interrogation of the secret Agent

Mistress Susi interrogates the secret agent, fixated in the dark room for days, she keeps coming back to find out where the...

Trampling in the broken toilette

The Slave has to lie on the floor of the broken toilette. With her leather boots Lady Victoria Valente is trampling on the Slave´s ...

Backstage Photoshooting

For a couple of photos the Slave has to hanging in the factory. Not a comfortable situation for him but the Mistress wants photos like...

Trampling with boots

With a couple of different boots Domina Silvia loves to trampling on the submissive slave

Punished by Domina Djinny

Domina Djinny has a lot of fun with punishing her private Slave. She put a rope around his balls, put some weight on it and use a...

Puplic walking in high heels

Lady Luciana´s Slave has to walk nude in unconfotable high heels in a puplic parking area. The Lady has a lot of fun watching...

The Slave has to suck Diva Silke´s black Cock

Diva Silke´s Slave will suck her cock well and deep?

The chocolate Slave

What a honor for the Slave. He is able to lick the sweet chocolate from the sweet sexy ass of his Mistress and after that he will feel...

Cum on my boots

A nude biker get the permission from Lady Luciana to wank his cock and cum on his boots

Huminialeted in the toilet

That a very huminialating situation. The submissive Slave´s ball get stretched by Lady Victoria Valente while she put his head in...



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