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Whipped by Calea Toxic

In a dungeon in Cologne Calea Tocix loves to play with the Slaves Arse. She wants a lot of mark on his arse and she use her whipp for...

Extreme waxing

To punish the slave candles are not enough for Lady Luciana so she is using a burner to melt the wax what she has prepared over the...

Punished in the tower

In a tower of o old coal mine Mistress Susi and her rubber Assistant are punishing a new Slave. He forgot to bring a gift for his...

Zara´s anal slut

The Slave of Zara Drake can handle her new giant strap-on? Doent matter, the Lady never take care about whats Slaves want or can handle. ...

Luciana´s XL strapon Slave

Lady Luciana is using her Slave in a brand new dungeon in Essen/Germany.  She tied him up to a bech and loves to fuck his ass with...

The anal Rubberdoll

Mistress Susi´s Rubberdoll has allready a anal plug in her ass, so the Mistress has to remove it to check how open her asshole is...

Aileen Taylor - Suck my big black strap-on

Thats the only clip in the web where a Slave is sucking a strap-on of this amazing and sexy Lady. Aileen Taylor, the sexy german...

The rubber chastity Slave

Mistress Susi and her 2 latex Slaves in the old coal mine. She loves to tease him and see how his cock gets bigger and bigger in the...

Lady Luciana - CBT with the electro sound

Lady Luciana in her brand new dungeon in Essen. One of her Slave has a so nice cock and she likes to see this cock rock hard, because...

Milked by the Sissy Slut

The blindfolded Slave is expecting a sexy session with Mistress Susi, but the assistent of the Lady is a kinky Sissy Slut and she will...

Amazing big balls

The Mistress loves to touch the big ball of her Slave. It feels so amazing to hold such big balls in the hand

Fucked in the shadow

In a dark lost location Lady Luciana is using her 13" strap-on. Shje wants that huge rubber cock deep in the Slaves arse

Under Aileen´s boots

Aileen Taylor on her thron and the Slave has to be under her amazing boots. She loves the submissive Slaves under her and if they feel...

Boots ass fucking

With some special boots Lady Victoria Valente is fucking the asshole of the Slave



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